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Giving Tuesday sale

Supersale on Giving Tuesday!

Before we move to Sweden I am trying to find a new home to my pictures drawn this year mostly (but not only).
There are literally hundreds of them, some even in selling condition.
All the earnings from the pictures you purchase today, on Giving Thursday, will go to integrational kindergarten “SAVA” ( simply because I love them. Minus shipping.


Just comment or write to my email (which is here: which of my pictures you’d like to buy, the price and I will tell you if they are available and what pictures I can offer instead if no.

Think my illustrations of all the books,
Conviction series,
pink pony world,
breastfeeding and homebirth caricatures (some of them, most are lost already)
dancing sketches (lindy hop mostly)
and other diverse pictures I post here once in a while. And hundreds I don’t post.

Or simply ask “Do you have anything about… Hm… Lemurs? And I will say “Oh, but sure!”

Share, like, repost.