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First spring day in Tromsø

There is sun in Tromsø today, first time since November.
There’s no sun today in Uppsala, but it shines now and then here, I saw it quite often in January.
And every time it felt like I drink it with all my skin. And every time I remembered these amazing days in the end of January-beginning of February when you go out and the sun goes out too and you have the first date after the winter.
And kids singing “Sol, sol, kom igjen!” and the life is so full.
My congratulations to fellow Tromsø people today! And I am really grateful life in Tromsø taught me this feeling – enjoy the sun in winter with every cell.
By the way, being from Riga I never thought of myself as of some especially sun-loving person and I never get bored just because it rains. But this first polar spring day is something very special.

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