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If you are interested in where I am from, what languages I speak, how many kids, pets, husbands and houses I have, what sports I like (spoiler: none), what is my annual income and so on, you can find out on this page.

I was born in Riga, Latvia. As a child and teenager I loved animals and nature and was dreaming about becoming a herpetologist.
But by some strange coincidence (it’s a long story) after the school I studied chemistry and social pedagogy working as a science teacher in primary school at the same time.

Then I moved to Moscow to study for my PhD in Social Psychology and volunteered as a primary school teacher for refugee children who were not allowed to attend state schools (see I also started Saturday drawing classes for them.

Then Julia was born. I became a freelance illustrator, and we moved to Bergen, Norway.

Then Yan was born. I started to write my own books, and we moved to Tromsø, Norway.

Yan was born at home, which has been one of the most exciting experiences of my life to date and influenced my art a lot.

We have now moved to Uppsala, Sweden – though no one else has been born! I still write books and do freelance illustration and I love it all so much!

I have no pets (though we are planning millipedes sometime in the future), one husband (who supports me in every crazy thing I do or plan to do) and two children (now aged 4 and 8). We do not own our own house (yet).

I am fluent in Russian and English, speak passable Latvian, Norwegian and Swedish, and have a rudimentary knowledge of Spanish, French, Czech and German.

My annual income seems to have an inverse correlation with the amount of time I spend on Facebook. Right now it is enough to buy a millipede or a second-hand bike and eat a lot of sushi, but not enough to buy a house, even a very small one.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the guitar, piano and tango – three things which fill my life besides family and work.


And I think it is the most appropriate page to thank Jim Blyth, author of Granny Baggy, for his help in editing most of the texts (you can spot unedited!) on this site.